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Board Governance Overview

A synopsis of best practices in board governance.



Governance refers to the oversight of an organization.  Best practice in governance means that a board ensures their optimal performance through the implementation of effective systems. 


In three 1½-hour modules, Deb provides an overview of best practices in board governance.  These sessions serve as both an orientation to good governance as well as a refresher for those who have previously received governance training.


The Modules


The following will be explored in three online or in-person modules with your board of directors:


The Rules

What is the board’s role in good governance?  What are bylaws, policies, terms of reference and what do you do with them?


The Strategy

How do you handle your board’s year effectively and efficiently within volunteers’ limited time? We discover the board’s annual work plan, meeting agendas and strategic plan.


The Players

How do you find the right people for your board?  We talk about the recruitment and development of all your directors, having effective committees, and the senior staff person’s annual performance review.


Book these inspiring sessions for your entire board and staff so they understand their roles within a high-functioning, governing organization.

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