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Board Governance Overview

A synopsis of best practices in board governance.


Governance refers to the oversight of an organization. Good governance means that a board ensures their optimal performance through the implementation of effective systems. 


All too often, a new director’s training is conducted by attending their first few board meetings.  How much better would it be to orient new directors to the board’s governance model and teach them how the board functions before their first board meeting?



The Workshop

The following key areas will be explored in a workshop with your board of directors:


Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

What are the roles of a director and of the board of directors?  We will discuss organizational structure as well as responsibilities for each position on the board.  Also, the big question about which committees every board should have will be answered. 


The Seven Elements of Good Governance

Deb will outline the various elements that need to be in place for your organization.  Then, she will touch on developing monitoring systems that guarantee the components are sustainable and effective.


Tips and Resources

Throughout the workshop, Deb refers to templates, exercises and examples that she has created in her 35+ years of board experience.  These documents are available for each attendee to give you a kickstart on developing your own best practices with your board.



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