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Executive Director Performance Review

Three hours, in person or online modules, including custom performance review document.

This personalized session may be held with your Governance Committee or Executive.


The Workshop

The following key areas will be explored in an in-person or online workshop with your committee:


How to evaluate your CEO

All too often, a CEO is evaluated subjectively; meaning that we rely on how we feel about their performance.  Instead, this should be a year-long process where the board gathers proof on the CEO's performance.  We also are confused about what the CEO should be evaluated on.  This workshop eliminates all that guesswork.


Create your own performance review

A review process will be developed, including a customized evaluation form.  These will guide you and future boards through this annual procedure.

Plan the performance review

Make this meeting a productive discussion with your CEO.  We review key questions to ask and how to use the evaluation form to its full potential.

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