CEO Metrics 

Integral to an organization’s success is ensuring the success of your Chief Executive Officer.


All too often, a new CEO is given the keys to their office and left to their own

devices.  It’s easy to assume that your new employee will know everything

about their new position because you have hired a competent CEO.  The thing

is, every CEO (no matter what their level of experience) needs proper onboarding

to understand what is expected of them.  And a board needs to know how to

communicate those expectations and then translate them to measurement so

that success can be achieved.



The Workshop

The following key areas will be explored in a workshop with your board of directors:


Preparing for the new ED’s arrival

Ensuring that certain processes and documents are in place prior to your CEO's arrival is crucial.  A comprehensive job description and employment agreement, along with onboarding and training schedules with metrics will be discussed.  A task force will be formed to initiate and implement these processes so that progress will be monitored during the probationary period. 


Implementation of the plan

Onboarding your CEO in his/her first days with your organization will be your first order of business. Knowing what to cover and who will handle these initial hours will set the tone for a productive board-CEO relationship.


A one to two-week training schedule will guarantee that your new CEO has been thoroughly apprised of the board’s expectations. 


Regular check-ups with clear metrics will give both the board and the CEO peace of mind, knowing that there will be no surprises when the CEO's performance is reviewed.

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