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Strategic + Tactical Planning 

Full day in person, or three to four online modules. 

Strategic planning is crucial to any organization’s success.  Without clear objectives and goals, there is no basis for vision or growth.  My process is simple and effective.  We work together as a team to identify where you want to be and then how you will get there.


The Workshop

Prior to the strategic planning session, a survey will be distributed to your stakeholders of choice (board directors, staff, selected members and community partners) to ascertain their perspective and expectations of your organization.  All this data is compiled and brought to your session as a foundation for your group discussions.


Your board of directors and senior staff will gather together to dedicate time for this facilitated day of planning. We will review the data from the survey and then incorporate that information into visioning and strategizing for the next three years.

To keep your plan alive, it is highly recommended that staff develop a tactical plan that supports the board's strategic plan.  See Workshops for Not-for-Profit Staff for more information.



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